Want to live peacefully and harmoniously with other’s

Hi there, do you want to live peacefully and harmoniously with other’s?
Consider and practice the following.

  1. First practice the golden rule:
  • Therefore all things whatever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.
  1. Stop judging other’s unnecessarily because you yourself know that you are not perfect and probably do other things, that if they are exposed, someone else would point a finger at you.
  2. Live harmoniously with other’s, if you expect other’s to do the same to you
  3. Practice kindness and generosity
  4. Be merciful and consider the feelings of others.
  5. Don’t be selfish, the world doesn’t revolve around you, you can’t have everything that you desire, if you do fairly then it’s fine. Consider other’s too want to have the same things as you do.
  6. Don’t start unnecessary quarrels. Practice being quiet and keep the doors of your mouth shut or closed…… just be silent on many things
  7. Avoid unnecessary arguments, which may lead to bad feelings between you and the other.
  8. Don’t take what is not yours, without permission.
  9. Let us not use harsh and cutting words
  10. Don’t condemn anyone
  11. “If we allow selfish considerations, false reasoning, and false excuses to bring us into a perverse state of mind and heart, so that we shall not know the ways and will of God, we shall be far more guilty than the open sinner.”
    ( EGW)

“We need to be very cautious in order that we may not condemn those who, before God, are less guilty than ourselves. “
“Let everyone bear in mind that we are in no case to invite persecution. We are not to use harsh and cutting words. Keep them out of every article written, drop them out of every address given. Let the Word of God do the cutting, the rebuking; let finite men and women hide and abide in Jesus Christ. Let the spirit of Christ appear. Let all be guarded in their words, lest they place those not of our faith in deadly opposition against us and give Satan an opportunity to use the unadvised words to hedge up our way. “

  1. Remember that we live in a great controversy between Christ and the devil, between right and wrong, good and bad,plus many others and hence prayer is very important, when you look at Eph.6:12 which says “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. “
    My friend, you see now, whenever you have an issue with someone, know very well they have probably been influenced by those evil forces, that’s why you are told to go slow on judging other’s unnecessarily.
    Best of luck. You can add other points and republish this post as I am not perfect and have definitely left other points. Take care of yourself. Remember to have love in your heart for other’s, if you desire to go to heaven. Since those without love in their hearts, disqualifies themselves, from going to heaven. In fact, loose all the unwanted or bad characters that you have… best wishes from me

Published by Fredrick

I am Fredrick Onyango, a Computer Engineer, Graphics Designer and have been a tutor of Computerized accounting. I am currently a Freelancer & Copywriter cum Proof reader.

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